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DDA slum redevelopment projects in Delhi India

Our nation is developing rapidly and an increasing number of skyscrapers in metro-cities definitely second that fact. But that's just one side of the coin as slums in these metro-cities underline how we are still struggling to overcome typical third world problems like poverty, population and hygiene.

To tackle these problems DDA i.e. Delhi Development Authority has taken a bold step by launching 'In-Situ Slum Rehabilitation Scheme'. Slum area development in Delhi began with the tender to rehabilitate Kathputli Colony. The tender was won by Raheja Developers in a competitive open tender process.

They will be providing 2800 homes to these slum dwellers. Here's what the residents have to look forward to:

Hygienic living

Kathputali colony being a slum faces basic hygiene issues with cleanliness, toilet facilities, water management and waste management. Rehabilitation will solve these issues by fulfilling these basic needs, which will offer a healthy lifestyle to the residents. These homes will come with an attached bath, toilets & kitchens, tiled flooring, Advanced Fire Detection & Fire Sprinter Systems.

Better infrastructure

Apart from the basic necessities, the conveniences of modern city life will also be provided through centralised amenities like large green parks, religious structures, open air theatres, police station, fire station, parking facilities, multipurpose hall, community development centre, electric substations, medical centre, health care centre and shops for daily conveniences.

Entrepreneurial assistance

Kathputli Colony largely houses a migrated population who earn their livelihood by performing folk dances, puppet shows, singing, juggling or by operating small handicraft business. Exclusive arrangements will be introduced at the development such as exhibition spaces for local Arts & Crafts, open air theatres for performances, storage spaces for artefacts where they can showcase and sell and even export their art and handicrafts to visiting tourists. This will give them better infrastructure for practicing their occupation, increasing their opportunities to earn a decent income for the day.

Socio-economic upliftment

The entrepreneurial assistance will help them overcome their occupational obstacles. At the same time, the school will allow the kids to have proper schooling, stimulating social empowerment. The advanced infrastructure will upgrade the standard of living of this community, giving a hand to their socio-economic upliftment.

Betterment of the cityscape

A successful slum redevelopment project in Delhi will not only benefit its residents but the entire city. For starters, it will change the outlook and will make the population more organised. It will make the city look more clean and inviting. These 16 storeyed elevations mark the beginning of a new development for the capital. After all, slum redevelopment projects are a step towards a better tomorrow!

Take a look at the development plans at

Latest Development

DDA NOTICES More Details

DOOR TO DOOR SURVEY BY DDA While the transit camp was getting constructed, DDA in the meantime went for door to door survey in 2010-11 where each and every jhuggi in the cluster was numbered so that illegitimate claims could be averted
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Assigning Permanent Unique Number (PUN) This being the first slum redevelopment of Delhi, DDA shall take every care to keep complete transparency and the Permanent Unique Number (PUN) allotted to every JJ slum dweller... More Details

Signing of Tripartite Agreement Tripartite agreement will be signed between JJ dwellers, DDA and Developer ... More Details

New Look at the Transit Camp Apart from the other facilities, there is a medical mobile van, school for children and mother dairy which have already become functional. Provision for general store is also there.... More Details


Possession & Registration People of Kathputli Colony doing registration at the counter and taking possession of their Transit Camp Unit at Anand Parbat..... More Details


Voices of Kathputli Dwellers

Transit Camp

FACILITIES PROVIDED AT THE TRANSIT CAMP The camp has various facilities like RO filtered drinking water, Wide roads, Electricity... More Details

Actual Video of transit camp To view the Actual Video of already constructed, Existing Transit Camp

Proposed in-situ units

Facilities at proposed In-Situ Resettlement Housing Complex for JJ Slum Dwellers at Kathputli Colony Adequate facilities and provisions have been created for performance, training on the ground to conduct their performance sessions.
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LAYOUT PLANS OF PROPOSED EWS UNITS Layout Plan of the Proposed EWS Apartments to be Constructed In-Situ at Kathputli Colony
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Video of Proposed EWS Unit To view the Rendered Walkthrough of the proposed apartment to be constructed by developer at Kathputli Colony.